“Working with ExecuTrain was a pleasure. Every person’s dedication to the success of the FAST project and their professionalism freed us to focus on other critical issues.”

Toni Roe
FAST Project Manager


Microsoft congratulates ExecuTrain of Minnesota. Microsoft's CTEC MCSA Highlight winner!!

About Us

What is ExecuTrain?

ExecuTrain Corporation provides performance improvement and skills management products and services to millions of computer users worldwide. The company's comprehensive, customer-focused solutions include instructor-led and technology-based training for popular desktop applications plus course development and training on client-specific software applications. Technical training and business skills training keep professionals current on the latest technologies and techniques. Custom course development and administrative support services are also available to complete a well-rounded, professional program. And, the company's new ExecuTrain Virtual Campus (EVC) tool provide customers with the ability and the convenience of online self-paced courses, the interaction of instructor-assisted training and the deep detail of our reference sources such as books24x7.com.

ExecuTrain of Minnesota has earned the respect of companies across the Midwest as the leader in information technology (IT) training. ExecuTrain maintains the highest quality standards for computer training in the industry and has trained more than 8.8 million people worldwide.

ExecuTrain Minnesota
ExecuTrain of Minnesota was founded in 1989 and since then we have had the pleasure of assisting over half a million people with computer training needs. We offer the highest quality desktop application and technical training along with certification, custom and proprietary business training solutions, consulting and assistance with corporate learning initiatives. We also provide several services including: instructor support services, centralized billing, student registration, class scheduling, performance reporting and more. To learn more about our staff here at ExecuTrain please follow the links below:


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